I love people

I used to hate people. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.

One of the things that I did during “that year” (2011, the year of the big D) was to eliminate a lot of people from my life. I’ve brought a lot of them back since then, but back then I wary of everyone. If I didn’t trust people before, now I really didn’t trust “them.” Of course there were a few exceptions; the people that took the time to break through my wall that were now on the inside. But as a whole I didn’t trust them, I didn’t like them and I didn’t want them near me.

This is how I used to see people:

susan group

Everybody was the same. They were all just part of the crowd. They may have looked different and had different trades, but “they” were all the same.

One of my biggest prayers when I became a new woman was that I could see people through His eyes. And something magical happened! I started seeing this in the crowds, at the grocery store, at church… everywhere:


I now saw a mom. I saw a teacher.  A wife. Someone’s sister and someone’s daughter. I could look into her eyes and see her joy and her pain all at the same time. She looked into my eyes, too. She was no longer just a person in the crowd. She wasn’t “people” anymore, she was a person!

My person of this week is that lady. The lady who’s name I never caught. She seemed to be inasmuch of a hurry as I was that day, trying to cut through the baked goods aisle at the grocery store. We noticed each other through our peripherals and swiftly tried to get on opposing sides of the aisle without slowing down. Then we tried again. And again. Each time avoiding eye contact but moving to the other side, the same side as the other. When we finally ran out of aisle and met each other only a few feet away we paused. I spoke first and apologized for having woken up in the wrong country that day, a country that drives on the left side of the road (that is where stopped). She responded, “well, I’m a horrible driver so we never had a chance.”

In that moment we slowed down from our busy lives and laughed at each other until tears came out of our eyes.

susan maria store

Neither one of us said another word. When we stopped laughing I simply moved to the right and went on my way. But I walked a little slower the rest of the day. And I was happy.

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